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This course has been designed for students with limited or no skill in Hindi. Special attention is given to learning the Hindi script Devanagari, basic grammar and conversation in everyday scenarios. There will be listening, reading, speaking and writing exercises. Strong fundamentals for the further study of Hindi will be established in this course.

Course Outline

Topic 1: “What is your name? My name is ~.”

  • Learn about the Devanagari script.
  • Introduction of consonants / vowels with their sounds.
  • Produce - write the first letter of your name

Topic 2:  “What is this / that? / This / that is ~.”

  • Learn about – the systematic pattern of consonants (distinguished into aspirated and unaspirated sounds).
  • Arrangements of the consonants in five series velar, palatal, retroflex, dental, labial.
  • Produce - write some two or three letter words. 

Topic 3: Greetings and introducing. (How are you?)

  • Learn about - vowels symbols after consonants.
  • Produce - write the first sound in your name and write your full name.

Topic 4:  “I like this.”

  • Learn about - borrowed sounds and conjunct consonants.
  • Horizontal conjuncts, Vertical conjuncts, Special conjuncts with ‘R’ and characters.
  • Produce - write the name of the objects that ‘you like’ using (matraas) like tea, coffee, water, samosa, rice etc.

Topic 5:  ‘What do you want?”

  • Composing basic sentences.
  • Learn about - sentence order in Hindi.
  • Produce - some sentences that state “This is a ~/ that is a ~.”

Topic 6: “Excuse me! This is my purse.”

  • Learn about – Hindi numbers 1- 10
  • Nouns (vocabulary)
  • Masculine / feminine nouns and their plural forms.
  • Produce - write numbers and associate them with singular / plural nouns.

Topic 7: “I am from Delhi. Where are you from?”

  • Learn about - Hindi adjectives
  • Pronouns and the verb ‘to be’. (मैं हूँ, तुम हो, आप हैं, यह/वह है।)
  • Produce - write two sentences about your city, that you belong to.

Topic 8: “Please eat here. This is a good restaurant.”

  • Learn about - Imperative forms (खा, खाओ, खाइए)
  • Produce - write verbs and their imperative forms

Topic 9:  “Are you Australian? Do you like Australia?”

  • Learn about - Interrogatives (what, where, who, how, why)
  • Produce – Questions / answers

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand Hindi consonants, vowels and a range of everyday vocabulary
  • Greet in Hindi.
  • Ask for information and directions.
  • Count in Hindi numbers 1-10
  • Ask simple questions and give short answers.
  • Read, write and understand simple sentences.
  • Speak basic Hindi sentences with confidence.
  • Recognise grammatical terms.

Who should enrol

This course is ideal for those who have never studied Hindi, or have a limited understanding of the language.