Our breakfast series seek to provide an opportunity for networking through a collaborative learning environment. Delivered in a concentrated format, these sessions are perfect for the busy professional seeking to build on their existing career skills and knowledge in a practical way.

If you are interested in the topic of leadership, are seeking to build leadership capacity in yourself and your organisation, then this is an ideal starting point. This session is for aspiring leaders, those in leadership positions, and for teams seeking to create more meaning in their work.

… the exercise of leadership takes place moment by moment…*

Leadership is a widely discussed topic as popular as the weather. Leadership is socially constructed; we talk about leadership in politics, business, organisations, and families. Our inner desire is to experience good leadership, at the same time we aspire to be better leaders. What reasons are there for leadership failure? How can we, as individuals, lead from where we are? To answer these questions we need to reframe the notion of leadership.

This short introduction into self-leadership seeks to equip you with practical skills that can enhance your leadership practice. Which styles of leadership are best? What is your own leadership style?

In this session, we will introduce the following topics:

  • Past, present and Future leadership styles,
  • Leadership as identity,
  • Emotional & social intelligence,
  • Challenging our unconscious bias and the value of diversity,
  • Reflective practice and action learning,
  • Adaptive Leadership communication.

Learning Outcomes 

  1. Gain a deeper appreciation of leadership styles.
  2. Identify practical steps to develop your leadership blueprint.
  3. Apply a reflective practice to learning leadership.
  4. Understand the importance of adaptive communication.

Who should attend?

Ideal for the busy professional looking to expand their knowledge and practice.

* Avolio, B. J. (2011). Full range leadership development (2 ed.). Thousand Oaks, California: SAGE Publicaitons, Inc.

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  Leadership breakfast series: Adaptive self leadership
14 Mar 2018