Our breakfast series seek to provide an opportunity for networking through a collaborative learning environment. Delivered in a concentrated format, these sessions are perfect for the busy professional seeking to build on their existing career skills and knowledge in a practical way.

If you are interested in the topic of leadership, are seeking to build leadership capacity in yourself and your organisation, then this is an ideal starting point. This session is for aspiring leaders, those in leadership positions, and for teams seeking to create more meaning in their work.

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Leaders have a significant impact on the motivation and productivity of their teams. The success of a leader is, directly and indirectly, related to their emotional displays (Griffith, 2015). Leading a team or organisation requires an understanding of emotions (Iszatt-White, 2009). Beyond an understanding of emotional intelligence, leaders are in a continuous process of emotional labour. As a leader, developing and displaying emotional intelligence can reinvigorate teams and increase productivity.

The process of becoming an emotionally intelligent leader begins with “intrapersonal emotional understanding and ends with effective interpersonal emotional conceptualisation and application” (Goleman, 1995)

Develop strategies to build your emotional intelligence. Position yourself to be able to influence others through inspiration and have a positive impact on organisational culture and performance levels.

Course outline

  • Emotional intelligence – what is it and how can you cultivate it?
  • Know thyself – becoming self-aware, values, and motivations
  • How to lead with emotional intelligence
  • Positioning yourself as a transformational leader

In this breakfast series, examine emotional intelligence as a leader, learn how to fine-tune your ability to read the emotional landscape of your team, and implement strategies that transform your engagement and influence in the workplace.

Who should enrol?

Anyone who is aspiring to be, or is in a leadership position. Regardless of your leadership experience, our breakfast series are designed to challenge and encourage you in your leadership journey.

Event details

  • Date: Tuesday 7 May
  • Time: 7:30am - 9am
  • Catering: a light buffet breakfast, tea and coffee will be served
  • Cost: $45 per person
  • Contact: enquiries.cce@anu.edu.au