Fri 05 Apr 2019 - Fri 05 Apr 2019

09:30 - 15:30

1 Session
13 spots remaining.

A positive sense of self is essential for a satisfying and healthy work and personal life. Learn the practical skills you need to develop your self‐confidence; helping you to become more assertive, feel good and be more effective in your interpersonal relationships at work and beyond.

Course outline

  • Where self-confidence comes from  
  • How to build self-confidence
  • The concept of self-talk
  • How to change negative self-talk
  • Self-talk and feelings
  • What are assertiveness, passiveness, and aggressiveness styles of relating
  • Assertive techniques to use in different situations 

Learning Outcomes

 At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Identify what influences self‐confidence/esteem
  • Implement strategies to increase self-esteem
  • Use assertive techniques to make and respond to requests in the workplace
  • Use assertive techniques to reduce conflict and resistance in the workplace
  • Improve work and personal relationships

 Who should enrol

 Public, private and community sector staff and leaders wanting to improve their personal and/or team assertiveness skills.

Fri 03 May 2019 - Fri 03 May 2019

09:00 - 12:30

1 Session
13 spots remaining.

Success is measured by the results you produce, not the number of hours you put in. Working smarter means increasing your productivity and not spending precious time on activities that have little meaning. This half day course focusses on developing quick and sustainable changes you can make to quickly improve your efficiency. The approaches learned are applicable to work and other life activities.

Course outline

  • Understand how you manage your time
  • Identify when you are most productive and how to use that to your advantage
  • Identify productivity techniques and approaches that work for you
  • Develop strategies to work smarter

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should:

  • Be able to identify where and how you need to focus your time and energy
  • Be confident in applying key productivity techniques to your work and life activities.

Who should enrol

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to be more successful by making better use of their time and energy.

Wed 05 Jun 2019 - Wed 05 Jun 2019

09:30 - 16:30

1 Session
15 spots remaining.

Wed 04 Sep 2019 - Wed 04 Sep 2019

09:30 - 16:30

1 Session
14 spots remaining.

More and more, the workplace is being defined by increased workloads, heightened uncertainty, deadline pressures and imbalanced work-life harmony. Cultivating resilience enables you to effectively adapt and adjust to distraction and time pressure. This course will help you to cultivate an understanding of resilience, discover strategies tailored to your strengths, values and schedules. Improve your productivity, enhance your relationships, increase your energy levels and promote personal wellbeing to transform your working life.

Course outline

  • Introduction to resilience
  • Understanding stress and burnout
  • Identifying and overcoming the barriers that impede optimal resilience
  • Identifying strategies to promote emotional awareness and channel strong emotions to your advantage
  • Recognise your peak performance strengths
  • Communication strategies for building personal and professional relationships
  • Mindfulness – what is it and how can it fit into your schedule?
  • Reflection and consolidation

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • understand resilience and how to apply strategies that promote psychological hardiness
  • apply evidence-based psychological techniques that will improve productivity and performance across personal and professional domains.

Who should enrol

This course is open to anyone, at all levels of any organisation motivated to enhance their performance and build resilience to cope with adversity.

Physics doesn’t lie so why is there so much heat and controversy generated by this debate?

The science behind global warming has been developing for over 150 years and many climate scientists have spent much of their careers in investigating and trying to understand the physical processes involved and the implications for the future. If you are confused about the competing claims with respect to climate change, here is your chance to interact with some of the world experts in their fields from the ANU on the actual science associated with climate change and its impacts.

Audio and pdf versions of the presentations will be made available online through the CCE student portal.

The contents of the course make it suitable to be considered for Professional Development for those people who are working in the areas of climate change such as mitigation, adaptation and health and a certificate of attendance will be provided. 

Week 1:

Weather and climate basics - Clem Davis

  • Why do we get weather?
  • The difference between weather and climate
  • How do we categorize climate and climate of Australia?

Climate drivers of Australia and the world and their impact - Emeritus Professor Janette Lindesay

  • ENSO, IOD, SAM, monsoons, ocean currents

Week 2:

Week 3: 

  • Micro climates. How do they affect us? - Margi Bohm
  • Local climate change: What is happening in the Canberra region? - Clem Davis

Week 4:

  • What are the likely future impacts on humans and ecosystems and how do we respond? Eg health, survival, fires, food security, infrastructure etc   Mitigation, Adaptation - Professor Mark Howden
  • Climate change and health - Dr Liz Hanna

Week 5:

Week 6

This course will be presented by ANU academics who are experts in this field.

Links to ANU Presenters