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Professional Workshop Co-Convened by ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU College of Science and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

This one-day professional workshop explores science and technology issues associated with the role of Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer. This role was announced by the Government on 29 June 2018. Through interactive engagement with the case study, participants will explore the ways in which this role will bridge the policy-science nexus to deliver on its key objectives including:

  • enhancing understanding and oversight of environmental biosecurity risks;
  • performing a national policy, engagement and leadership role;
  • ensuring that Australia’s environmental and community biosecurity risks are better defined and prioritised; and
  • improving the maturity of Australia’s environmental biosecurity preparedness, surveillance and response capacity.

Upon successful completion of this interactive case study, participants will have improved understanding of the opportunities and challenges of this environmental biosecurity policy-science nexus.

Course Requirements

There are three required components of this case study.  

  1. Pre Course Submission:  A 500-word reflection on the case study drawn from participant experience and the set readings, including identification of key questions to be posed to case study experts,
  2. Attendance and Participation in the Case Study Workshop
  3. Post Course Submission: A 500-word policy brief on the case study after the workshop

To be eligible for future credit each submission must meet minimum academic standards as identified by the lecturer.   

Who Should Enrol?

This course is for anyone who is seeking a professional development experience that will enhance their capacity for working in and with government at the intersections of science, technology and policy