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In this final session, participants will review all preceding case studies and work toward a synthesis of concepts. The goal is to develop a multifaceted approach to robust public policy.

This session will connect science, technology, and public policy answering questions like:

  • Why science and technology matter for various policy domains
  • Patterns, processes, and institutions in the conduct of R&D in domestic and international contexts
  • Science, technology and social licence to operate in Australia and the Asia-Pacific 
  • Communicating science and technology, science advice, and science diplomacy.

Upon successful completion of this exploration of the theoretical implications of science, technology, and policy, participants will have a clearer sense of the relevance of the policy issues across a whole-of-government framework.

Course Requirements

There are two required components of this case study.  

  1. Attendance and Participation in the Case Study Workshop
  2. Post Course Submission: A 500-word policy brief on the case study after the workshop

To be eligible for future credit each submission must meet minimum academic standards as identified by the lecturer.   

Who Should Enrol?

This course is for anyone who has completed the Introduction Session and 4 additional Case Studies.