Wonder what CCE is all about? or just miss our classes? Well CCE is providing you a unique opportunity to engage with our teachers and experts. We are offering some short tasters in some general interest areas and languages.

Light up your cultural delight with a discussion on language and culture centred round a theme. A chance to practice and refresh some of your language skills.

General Interest
Explore something new, dip into another world of information and passion for just one night. Allow The Australian National University's Dr Brad Tucker to Take you on a journey through the stars, or be drawn into the fascinating topic of philosophy.

Thu 23 Jul 2020

18:00 - 19:00

1 Session
15 spots remaining.

Giving constructive and careful advice is not an easy task – especially if English is not your first language! 

In this session, we will look at alternatives to ‘You should …’.  We will cover some more advanced expressions, and explain which ones are followed by the base form of the verb (e.g. ‘Why don’t you talk to him?’) and which ones require a gerund (‘Have you tried talking to her?’). There will be plenty of time for practice and questions!

Level of English: Intermediate (European framework B1 to B2)

Format: 1-hour online session