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This day workshop is convened and delivered by the ANU Autonomy, Agency and Assurance (3A) Institute. The workshop aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of contemporary challenges and opportunities surrounding the deployment of AI at scale. It comprises theoretical lectures delivered and a series of hands-on, facilitated, collaborative exercises. We encourage participation from a cross-function team of participants from a single business or government organisation, which will enable participants to explore specific case studies and improve the AI-readiness of their organisation.

This module builds capability for Australian organisations by enabling workforces to efficiently acquire new skills and research-led foundational knowledge in the new applied science currently being developed by the 3A Institute. It has been crafted to provide an outstanding student experience and learning outcomes enabling participants to tackle emerging, complex  challenges for their organisation and Australia more broadly. 

Learning Outcomes

On successfully completing of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Work effectively with peers from a variety of backgrounds to share prior knowledge, learn from others, and develop critical thinking skills about AI as it goes to scale;
  2. Collectively generate and evaluate a shared list of  ideas and concepts about new and emerging technological systems to be used to enhance organisations


All learning outcomes are addressed by each assessment task. Assessment takes 2 forms

  1. Group learning and feedback: Learning in this course will be assessed through the depth of engagement, collaboration and debate between participants, as well as between participants and faculty.
  2. In-person participation – attendance, as well as active listening, learning, teaching others, questioning, debating and debriefing – is critical to achieving all learning outcomes.


Total time commitment for this credential: In-person contact - 5 hours, Private Study - 5 hours; Assessment - 1 hour

Assumed Knowledge

Nil. This is an introduction to the 3A Institute's new applied science.

Admission Requirements

Completion of a Bachelor Degree or equivalent work experience.  Course delivered in English.

Who Should Enrol

Participants should have an interest in emerging technologies.  We encourage cross-function teams.  This course is a Masters level - AQF Level 9.

More infromation can be found at 3AI Institute. This course is run jointly with the Microsoft

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