The CCE visual arts program offers interactive courses for the budding to experienced artists, from classic to modern techniques, in the areas of: photography, drawing, painting, woodwork, steelwork, ceramics, textiles and more.

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Start your jewellery making journey today! Take home three completed rings by the end of the course as you learn the skills of forming, saw piercing, filing, soldering and finishing.

Course outline

  • Week 1-2: fabrication of a simple band, introducing basic skills in forming, saw piercing, filing, soldering and finishing
  • Week 3-5: fabrication of a band featuring a central detail; participants will each design and make a form that can be soldered onto the plain band, bringing an individual touch to the ring
  • Week 6-10: fabrication of a fitted sleeve ring; the fitted sleeve is comprised of two rings, one of which fits over the other. Typically the outside band is saw-pierced, and then soldered onto a plain band, giving the design more depth.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, you should:

  • have an understanding of the process of ring making, from the use of an ingot all the way to the finished product
  • have skills in handling and using the tools of the trade: measuring tools, jewellery sawframe; various files and pliers; burs and drill bits etc.
  • have basic jewellery skills, including, cutting, joining, forming, finishing
  • have made up to three rings depending on individual skills and working pace
  • be able to sketch/design to be transferred onto metal.

Who should enrol

Any individual interested in creative processes and developing hand skills in jewellery making.

Course materials

Workshop materials will be provided in class. You will need to bring the following to each class:

  • enclosed shoes and casual clothing
  • a pair of safety goggles
  • an apron, ideally fitted with a pocket
  • 1-2 old rags
  • plain paper notebook and pencils (HB & 2B).

If you have long hair, it needs to be tied back.

Please do not wear loose clothing (ie scarves) or dangling jewellery to any classes.

No dates are currently scheduled.

Enamelling is the ancient art of applying glass to metal. Oh, the possibilities are endless and exciting! This introduction to all things enamelling, initially in pendant and brooch format, try out Cloisonné and Basse-Taille, sifting and stencilling and drawing techniques. Suitable for beginners and experienced students; design pieces based on your level of expertise.

Course outline

This 5-day intensive course will provide you with an introduction to all things enamelling. Initially, in pendant and brooch format, you will try out Cloisonné and Basse-Taille, Sifting & Stencilling and Drawing techniques.

  • Day 1: An Introduction to the Techniques (using historical and contemporary examples), materials, safety requirements, and equipment. Start preparing designs and metal for the Cloisonné and Basse-Taille enamel
  • Day 2: Cloisonné continued
  • Day 3: Cloisonné continued + Sifting & Stencilling, Drawing techniques
  • Day 4: Sifting & Stencilling, Drawing techniques
  • Day 5: Completing enamels

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • identify many styles of enamel work
  • use enamel in three different methods
  • know how to use enamel and the kiln safely
  • prepare your cloisonné wires, metal, and enamel for use
  • fire your work safely and competently
  • use a variety of finishing techniques
  • understand a variety of ways to set enamel items
  • source enamel supplies and materials

Who should enrol

This course is suitable for beginners and experienced students; as you will design pieces appropriate to your level of expertise. Possibilities; that is the key word. How exciting!


A list of materials will be provided upon enrolment.