The CCE visual arts program offers interactive courses for the budding to experienced artists, from classic to modern techniques, in the areas of: photography, drawing, painting, woodwork, steelwork, ceramics, textiles and more.

Wed 20 Feb 2019 - Wed 20 Mar 2019

18:00 - 21:00

6 Sessions
12 spots remaining.

Interested in shooting films, music videos, documentaries, YouTube videos or even home movies? Covering all the basics of scriptwriting, filming, editing, all the way to sharing it on YouTube or Vimeo – discover your inner film producer!

Course outline

In this fun and interactive course, learn the basics of scriptwriting, filming, cinematography, lighting, and editing to produce a short film as you are guided from pre-production stage through to post-production.

Topics include:

  • concept development
  • scriptwriting
  • storyboarding and other preproduction processes
  • filming with video cameras or DSLRs ( digital single-lens reflex)
  • Framing, camera settings
  • cinematography and lighting
  • editing
  • exporting for multiple platforms such as DVD, web, graphics, You-tube

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

  • acquire experience in the production of digital video elements through a mix of theory and practice
  • develop conceptual and technical abilities
  • demonstrate an ability to work independently and productively
  • present a resolved body of work
  • develop personal artistic vision through the completion of an original, researched semester

Who should enrol

Recommended for beginners and filmmaking enthusiasts

Course materials

It is recommended that you bring an external hard drive or 64G thumb drive to be able to store film.  Cameras are not included but the course can be completed with a basic smartphone camera or for a $100 fee, you can have access to the Photomedia and Arts Centre's equipment for the semester.