Dr Annabelle Doherty BA French (First-Class honours), PhD


Annabelle successfully completed a PhD in French Studies at the University of Sydney and achieved first class honours for a BA French at the University of London.  She has been a Sessional/Honorary Lecturer in French and Film Studies at the Australian National University since 2017, teaching French and pursuing research towards publication of future journal articles and books on heritage and historical film.  Annabelle has taught introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels of French at ANU, Sydney University and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Annabelle’s research focuses on the reconstitution of history in cinema, examining periods including the Ancien Régime, the French Revolution and Restoration, the Belle Époque, World War One and Two.  She has published articles on French heritage cinema and literary adaptation in French Screen Studies, Adaptation, and the Australian Journal of French Studies. Annabelle is reworking her PhD thesis “Living the Past through French Heritage Film: Historical Thinking and Cinematic Cultural Memory” into a series of articles on adaptations of Madame Bovary, La Reine Margot, Les Misérables, and a book on heritage and historical film of the Great War that will incorporate French, German, British, Australian, and transnational cinema. 

In her teaching, Annabelle adopts a real-world approach, combining traditional textbook materials with resources from French websites, newspapers, TV and films, to highlight the target language and key issues in France and the Francophone world.  She also incorporates her academic research into her lessons, introducing students to relevant literary and cinematic works, with authentic extracts.  Annabelle creates fun, rewarding lessons leading to lifelong learning, friends and connections.


Intermediate French 1

For those who have completed  Beginning French 3  or the equivalent, this course focuses on increasing your French language skills confidence. A variety of impromptu and prepared speaking and list...

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Beginning French 2

Course outline The course is based on Lessons 6 to 12 of Le nouveau Taxi 1, Méthode de français, although the pace of the course and the exact number of units covered will vary according to the gr...

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Beginning French 3

The course is based on Lessons 13 to 20 of  Le nouveau Taxi 1,   Méthode de français , although the pace of the course and the exact number of units covered will vary according to the group. The t...

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