Celia Hodgson


Celia taught French, history, English literature and Italian before joining the CCE where she tutors in both languages and English – grammar and writing skills. She also works as a proofreader, for the ANU Reporter since 2009, publications of ANU Colleges and private clients.

Celia learned French as a child and Italian as an adult, then taught both languages and English as a second language in Canberra and Japan. She studied German as a child and adult and Japanese as an adult. This background has shaped her real-life and cultural approach, putting language learning into context, in the French and Italian courses she teaches at the CCE. Film, music and art, authentic situations as well as current affairs, everyday life and customs are integrated into her courses to create a lively and stimulating learning experience. 

What students are saying

"Celia is a very experienced teacher and has a very calm way of teaching and doesn't seem to get flustered in a classroom environment. Her classes are fun and her teaching methods varied, which keeps things interesting."
Beginning French 3 student.
"The course was well paced, the teacher was excellent and the material was a good mix of practical information, cultural insights and just enough theory to explain concepts."
Beginning French 1 student.


Intermediate French 1

For those who have completed  Beginning French 3  or the equivalent, this course focuses on increasing your French language skills confidence. A variety of impromptu and prepared speaking and list...

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Beginning French 1

Fall in love with what many believe is the most romantic of all the Latin-derived languages; spoken in 29 countries across five continents. Course outline The course is based on Lessons 0 to 5 of ...

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Beginning French 2

Course outline The course is based on Lessons 6 to 12 of Le nouveau Taxi 1, Méthode de français, although the pace of the course and the exact number of units covered will vary according to the gr...

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