Dr John Giacon Honorary Lecturer, ANU BA, DipEd (Macquarie), BDiv (Melbourne College of Divinity), MeEd (ACU), BA(Hons-Linguistics) (UNE), PhD (ANU)


John is a Christian Brother who worked in schools, including as Principal, before moving to Walgett in 1994. There he soon began working with Uncle Ted Fields and others to revive Ted’s Yuwaalaraay language. He soon became involved in revival of the closely related Gamilaraay language and works closely with Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay people on language.

John authored or co-authored of a wide range of Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay materials ranging from very simple introductory texts to Yaluu, the book version of his 2014 PhD on the grammar of the languages, and Wiidhaa – the introductory university text. He has also published on the process or language revival and coordinated the production of a number of electronic resources (some no longer functional) including the soon to be released Gadjigadji app and online GY dictionary (dnathan.com/gaman/). He occasionally blogs on yuwaalaraay.com.

He taught Gamilaraay at the University of Sydney from 2006 to 2019 and has taught it at ANU since 2011.

Language and language revival is extremely important to many Indigenous people. John’s work has included providing information about the traditional language, so that community are in a position to make informed decisions about their reviving language, and working with them on the demanding process of language revival.


An introduction to Gamilaraay – an Indigenous language being rebuilt

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