Walter Kudrycz BA (First-Class Honours, University Medal), PhD.


Walter completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Sydney University.  As an undergraduate he concentrated on history and philosophy.  His prize-winning honours-year thesis, Worshipping Women, was on medieval religiosity. His doctoral dissertation was on the philosophy of history and led to the publication of his major work called The Historical Present: Medievalism and Modernity.  Walter taught history at Sydney University and his various publications have dealt with philosophy, history, and contemporary culture.

Since moving to Canberra Walter has worked as an historian at local cultural institutions including The Australian War Memorial, and he has lectured at ADFA.  He teaches history, philosophy, Latin, and cultural studies courses at CCE.

In his CCE teaching Walter aims to move beyond the perceived distinction between academic and popular approaches or subjects.  He likes making academic subjects such as philosophy not only accessible to those who take his courses, but also relevant to their lives.  He also enjoys bringing academic insights and interpretations to popular culture topics including movies and pop music.

What students are saying

"Philosophy online via CCE with the excellent Dr Walter Kudrycz is an absolute joy."

Modern and contemporary philosophy student.

"Walter is a phenomenal teacher and he has such a brilliant passion and insight for this beautiful list era. If you have the time to do this course and you really want some insight and something special for just yourself I recommend this course."

An introduction to the Middle Ages student.


Philosophy: ethics

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Introductory Latin

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Modern and contemporary philosophy

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Philosophy - the big questions

Have you ever thought about whether you're free, how you should behave, whether things really are as they seem, or whether it is reasonable to believe in God? See how far you can go with these and...

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Philosophy at the movies

This blockbuster course will look at movies that deal with major philosophical issues, or ‘the big questions’. For those wanting to further their understanding of philosophy or love movies, discus...

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Pop music: history and philosophy

Pop music is more than just the soundtrack to our lives; it has moved our emotions, stimulated our minds, formed our attitudes, and shaped our experiences. Covering subjects ranging from Bubblegum...

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