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The DISC Advanced ® is a complete system and process for strategic recruitment, development and retention of individuals, teams and organisations. DISC Advanced ® workplace behavioural assessment identifies individual strengths and strategies for improving communication and team development.

The DISC Advanced ® is suitable for anyone who would like to strategically enhance their workplace performance, optimise leadership capacity, enhance team capacity or position themselves for the next promotion.

What to expect

Our Consultants are industry accredited professionals with broad knowledge and experience.  Consultants demonstrate competency in:

  • Developing an understanding of the different individual behavioural styles
  • Identifying individual behaviour style – Individual Assessment Report
  • Understanding other’s styles and how they interrelate with yours
  • How to identify the behavioural styles of other individuals
  • Improved communication and understanding
  • Developing practical action plans to modify your style appropriately

The consultant will facilitate greater self-awareness, greater understanding and an action plan to enhance communication and team cohesion.


The DISC ADVANCED® Assessment is a very clear way of describing and analysing an individual’s natural reaction mode to stimuli in the environment. The theory does not have any good/bad categories, making it a behavioural inventory, not a test that one can pass or fail.

DISC ADVANCED® has many advanced features not available with DISC Profile®.  So while DISC Profile® is a very trusted assessment used by many leading organisations, if you want the very latest assessment that can be used across all applications, DISC ADVANCED® is for you. 

Assessment types

The DISC Advanced ® assessments are:

  • Individual assessments: Designed specifically for the workplace - a useful tool not only for the individual him/herself, but for everyone communicating with that person.
  • Leadership assessments: The DISC ADVANCED® Leadership Assessment provides all the information in the Individual Assessment plus effective leadership techniques
  • Sales assessments: The DISC ADVANCED® Sales Assessment provides all the information in the Individual Assessment plus techniques to increase sales.
  • Pair assessments: Identifies how two individuals complement one another and where the gaps exist & highlighting what the individuals should remember, accept & practice when working together.
  • Team assessments: Shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team, and how the team members are adjusting their behaviour in the existing work environment.

Typical clients

  • Government agencies
  • Medium to large enterprise
  • Small business
  • Professionals  

From one-on-one assessment to team and group assessment CCE offers end-to-end workplace behavioural assessment, team building and strategic communication strategies.


All CCE Consultants have post-graduate qualifications and are accredited to deliver the DISC Profile ® and DISC Advanced ® workplace behavioural assessments

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