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ANU Continuing Education has delivered short community courses for more than 50 years and this tradition continues today. Our course offerings range from languages to visual art, history and philosophy. This diverse program offers something of interest to most and is a great way to continue the journey of lifelong learning.

Upcoming Community Courses

The Renaissance: Art and Society

Thursday 25 July – 29 August 2024

The Renaissance sparked a revolution in art, society, culture, and philosophy.
Explore this dynamic period in world history by delving into major Italian cities such as Florence and Venice. 

Latin 1

Thursday 25 July – 19 September 2024

As the direct antecedent of romantic languages such as French, Italian and Spanish, learning Latin is pleasurable, fascinating and useful. This course will introduce you to Latin noun, verb, and adjective forms from Latin prose.

Heritage Under Fire

Thursday 25 July – 12 September 24

Consider key issues relevant to the destruction and protection of cultural heritage and archaeological sites in conflict zones, with a specific focus on the history, archaeology, heritage and political environments.

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