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About the Centre for Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) is the non-award program within the Australian National University (ANU). Continual learning in all forms is at the heart of any great society. CCE is proud of the many opportunities we offer the community to access and experience the broad knowledge base of ANU.

With an academically rich program we are confident there is plenty that will capture your interest.

Our courses provide a learning experience that is exemplary of the high quality of ANU. So, whether you are an Alumni of ANU or are experiencing our courses for the first time we welcome you. In essence, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a slice of ANU.

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Featuring a range of professional development courses designed to address your key organisational objectives. The program includes courses in communications and marketing, leadership and management, personal development and writing.

Using our team of academics and industry experts, CCE courses incorporate practical exercises and group work to ensure the effective application of the knowledge and skills learnt in your workplace. Courses are accessible to any individual or group wishing to expand their intellectual horizons and gain skills relevant to thrive in an ever-changing and innovative workforce.

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