50 years
of learning

In 1969, the ANU Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) began a journey of learning. Over the past 50 years, CCE has provided the community with a wide range of learning experiences. When you are active in learning you embrace the possibilities of change for the better.

We continue to innovate across all our courses as we seek to provide you with rich learning experiences that represent the best of ANU. Throughout our time the one thing that remains consistent is our desire to get you thinking.

So what does it mean to be a lifelong learner? Successful lifelong learners:

  1. Read regularly (and widely)
  2. Seek opportunities to grow,
  3. Appreciate diversity,
  4. Set challenging goals,
  5. Embrace change,
  6. Attend to their learning needs by enrolling in courses.

To motivate you and as part of our 50th-year celebration, CCE in partnership with Granted Worldwide, is offering you a chance to win one of 3 prizes:

  • First Prize: $3000 Granted Worldwide travel voucher
  • Second Prize: $2000 Granted Worldwide travel voucher
  • Third Prize: $1000 Granted Worldwide travel voucher

Conditions of entry:

  1. Enrol into a Centre for Continuing Education non-award course scheduled during the competition period (1st Jan - 25th October 2019), and
  2. Maintain your Subscription to the ANU Centre for Continuing Education E-Newsletter.

It couldn't be easier, and if you already have plans to learn something then there is no excuse now. The Competition closes on 25 October 2019, Full terms and conditions.

Permit No ACT TP 18/02465

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Out now! CCE PD course guide

Featuring a range of professional development courses designed to address your key organisational objectives. The program includes courses in communications and marketing, leadership and management, personal development and writing.

Using our team of academics and industry experts, CCE courses incorporate practical exercises and group work to ensure the effective application of the knowledge and skills learnt in your workplace. Courses are accessible to any individual or group wishing to expand their intellectual horizons and gain skills relevant to thrive in an ever-changing and innovative workforce.

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