Beyond Conventional Assessment Formats

This workshop will provide strategies on how to engage videos, interviews, music, poetry, art, dance, painting, observations into your assessments.

The ANU CLT Teaching & Learning workshop titled “Beyond Conventional Assessment Formats” encourages and inspires lecturers and tutors to take on innovative strategies to enrich assessment strategies and practices. Participants will explore diverse non-conventional mediums such as videos, interviews, music, poetry, art, dance, painting, and observations to enhance student engagement and comprehension, and make assessments more inclusive for various cultural backgrounds. Can a student in a non-art degree express the knowledge or topic’s comprehension through poetry, dance or painting?

Through practical exercises and discussions, participants will learn how to integrate these unconventional formats effectively into their assessments, fostering courage, creativity, critical thinking, and multi-dimensional learning experiences for students. You may even create an assessment which might be one of the most memorable and impactful in your student’s University life.

Please note: Professional Learning workshops are for ANU staff only.