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An ANU Micro-credential provides recognition at a graduate level of the learning you have undertaken to improve your professional knowledge and practice. Micro-credentials reflect workplace needs and career opportunity in senior executive education, professional and personal development. Explore our options and consider your career advantages by taking a micro-credential at ANU.

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Why choose an ANU Micro-credential?

Micro-credentials offer a new and innovative way of learning responsive to the needs of industry, government, and the community.

Earn recognition for your learning

Micro-credentials contain assessment that is used to verify the knowledge and skills obtained before a digital badge is issued.

Gain the competitive edge

Use ANU micro-credentials to upgrade or learn new skills to maintain a competitive edge in the workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a micro-credential?

Micro-credentials are short, competency-based offerings focussing on specific skills or discipline topics. They are a flexible mode of learning and allow enrolees to make choices based on their professional and personal needs and goals. ANU offers micro-credentials at postgraduate level in its areas of expertise so that enrolees can learn from world-renowned experts. ANU micro-credentials are stackable; a series of related micro-credentials can be taken as a suite to develop in-depth knowledge and skills or enrolees can pick and choose different micro-credentials that together form a bespoke learning plan specifically tailored to them. Enrolees who complete a micro-credential at ANU will be awarded a digital badge to certify skills and/or knowledge in a specific subject area.

How are ANU micro-credentials taught?

ANU micro-credentials contain both synchronous (sessions conducted in real time) and asynchronous (components to complete in your own time) elements. They can be taught wholly online, in a blended format, or in person, depending on the Micro-credential. Check the CCE Micro-credentials website for specific delivery information relating to each micro-credential.

What are the ANU micro-credential stacks?

Micro-credentials can be taken as standalone units or two or more units can be stacked together to form a larger evidence of study. This means that enrolees can pick and choose micro-credentials of interest without the need to commit to longer and more traditional forms of study.

ANU has designed some specific micro-credential stacks that lead enrolees through related topics that give depth and breadth of study. This gives greater flexibility to meet individual study needs.

What are the eligibility requirements for ANU micro-credentials?

ANU micro-credentials are taught at graduate level and assume the generic skills of a Bachelors or equivalent.
ANU micro-credentials do not have pre-requisites, although some micro-credential stacks may need to be completed sequentially.

Why study an ANU micro-credential?

Micro-credentials offer a new and innovative way of learning responsive to the needs of industry, government, and the community. An ANU micro-credential provides recognition at a postgraduate level of learning you can undertake to improve your professional knowledge and practice.

ANU academics are world class and leading in their fields. By studying an ANU micro-credential you will learn directly from these experts and have the opportunity to leverage their expertise in specific areas. The ANU micro-credentials have been curated to showcase ANU’s intellectual leadership.

How do I enrol?

You can enrol in an ANU micro-credential via the CCE Micro-credentials website. Each micro-credential that is open for enrolment will have a “Book Now” or “Apply Now” option on the listing.

For micro-credentials with an option to “Book Now” you can complete the requested details, proceed to payment and your spot will be secured.

Some micro-credentials are open by application only. For these micro-credentials you will see an “Apply Now” option. Clicking this option will take you to the application form. No payment is required until your application has been assessed as successful.

Once these processes are complete you will receive a confirmation email from the Micro-credentials team.

How long does it take to complete an ANU micro-credential?

ANU micro-credentials vary in length according to both the unit value and the content. In general, ANU micro-credentials will contain 21 hours of learning per 1 unit, which is then split up into self-paced learning, in-person or online sessions, and assessment tasks.

Do I have to complete assessment?

Every ANU micro-credential contains assessment task(s) relating to the content and skills that are taught.
Each micro-credential listing on the CCE Micro-credentials website gives a summary of the indicative assessment.
Further details of the assessments will be provided to enrolees when the micro-credential starts.

When will I get access to the learning materials?

If you enrol in an ANU micro-credential you will gain access to the learning materials several days before the start date. For any micro-credential that requires reading or activity completion prior to the first synchronous session, enrolees will be given ample time to prepare.

Can I get credit?

Enrolees that complete an ANU micro-credential (or multiple ANU micro-credentials) are eligible to apply for credit as per ANU’s credit and exemptions policy.
Some micro-credentials specify into which ANU graduate-level courses enrolees can apply for credit.
Please note that completing an ANU micro-credential does not guarantee entry into an ANU AQF qualification.

How is a micro-credential different from professional development? 

Micro-credentials contain assessment that is used to verify the knowledge and skills obtained by enrolees before a digital badge is issued. Enrolees must complete and satisfactorily complete the assessment in order to obtain the credential.

What do micro-credentials at ANU cost? 

ANU micro-credentials vary in cost. The fees set are dependent on the micro-credential. Please see the CCE Micro-credentials website for specific details.

Can I defer my fees via FEE-HELP

No. ANU Micro-credentials require up-front payment and cannot be deferred via FEE-HELP.

Will I be considered an ANU student while completing a micro-credential? 

No. While completing an ANU micro-credential you will be a Micro-credential enrolee at ANU. Micro-credential enrolees are given access to Troodle, the LMS (Learning Management System) used to administer micro-credentials at ANU. This is where enrolees access specific session details, materials, and assessment information.

What can I do with the micro-credentials I complete? 

You can use the micro-credentials on offer at ANU to upgrade existing skills or learn new skills. They are an up-to-date, flexible, and innovative way to maintain a competitive edge in the workforce.
When you successfully complete a micro-credential you will be awarded a digital badge.

What is a digital badge? 

Evidence of completion of an ANU micro-credential is offered in the form of a digital badge that is verified through My eQuals and can be shared publicly (for example, on LinkedIn). Sitting behind the digital badge is metadata that contains the details of the micro-credential completed. The digital badge verifies that the ANU micro-credential is valuable, reliable, and credible and that the recipient has obtained the skills and knowledge it describes.

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