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The ANU College of Health and Medicine delivers world-class research and education in medicine, medical science, psychology, and population health. Our Health Executive Education program offers an opportunity to advance your career as a current or future health leader, to accelerate your impact and influence as a leader, manager, policymaker, or innovator shaping the most pressing issues in healthcare nationally and globally. As the national university we prepare leaders to make a difference and to solve challenges not yet imagined.
Our courses are delivered by leading-edge academics and industry experts, equip you with the latest insights, knowledge, and skills to transform knowledge into impact, and bring you together with diverse professionals committed to advancing the future of healthcare.

Professor Russell Gruen, Dean, ANU College of Health & Medicine
Professor Russell Gruen, Dean, ANU College of Health & Medicine

Actionable knowledge and tools. Courses are designed to be experiential, applicable in real time, addressing real-world challenges
Academic and professional excellence. Led by academic, industry and government experts in their field offering participants access to thought leadership across sectors
Career progression. Acquire the personal and professional competencies that advance your potential and career opportunities
Network of executives and leaders. Develop your personal network with peers from around the world and across industries
Learn at an internationally renowned university, at the seat of Government in the Nation’s capital, committed to the pursuit of secure health futures for all

We are facing a period of healthcare reform where there is room for new ideas, a need to adapt to change, an opportunity for bold discussions, and an aspiration for a better health care system. Our flagship Health Executive Education courses are preparing leaders and equipping them with the knowledge, skills and networks to make a difference.