An ANU Micro-credential provides recognition of the learning activities you have undertaken to improve your professional practice. They ensure your skills and capabilities are relevant and recognised in a changing and dynamic workforce.

Providing access to thought leaders across disciplines, ANU Micro-credentials connect you to the latest research, are developed by leading academics and equip you with practical strategies to implement in your workplace.

ANU Micro-credentials support:

  • Senior executive education
  • Professional development
  • Personal development

Creating an alternate pathway for avid learners, ANU Micro-credentials can be stacked enabling you to apply for credit towards identified ANU graduate programs. The Micro-credentials Terms and Conditions provides more information on micro-credential requirements and the application process for credit towards courses and programs at ANU.

Click the ANU expert discipline areas below to explore offerings for 2021. If dates and/or topics are not yet published or if you have specific workplace needs, please contact the Micro-credentials Team to explore options for tailored professional courses or micro-credentials in consultation with ANU Academics.

Keep in touch, and stay up-to-date with the latest ANU Micro-credentials on offer.