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  • Dates: TBA
  • Time: 10am -3pm AEST


Join us for an immersive full course over 8 days, where the clinician-led online course will take you on a transformative journey into healthcare delivery in low-resource settings. Organised under the Australian National Universities’ flagship ‘Link’ program and by the School of Medicine& Psychology, the short course brings together leading global health academics, clinicians, and international guest speakers.

Explore the challenges, drivers of inequity, and potential solutions to promote healthcare equity for all. Structured with daily online interactive sessions followed by online simulation-based workshops, the eight-day course covers key aspects of healthcare delivery by taking a life course approach.

You will gain the knowledge and tools to make a meaningful impact in underserved communities through engaging discussions, case-based sessions, and collaborative exercises.


  1. Unparalleled Learning Experience:
    • Engage with experienced clinicians and healthcare professional instructors who have made significant contributions to low-resource healthcare.
    • Immerse yourself in captivating case studies and interactive simulations, bringing real-world challenges to life.
    • Collaborate with a diverse cohort of like-minded students, fostering valuable connections and shared learning.
    • Access a wealth of supplementary resources, including scholarly articles, expert interviews, and exclusive webinars.
  2. Understanding Healthcare Equity:
    • Explore the concept of healthcare equity and its importance in low-resource settings.
    • Discuss the social, economic, and political factors that contribute to healthcare disparities.
    • Analyse the impact of inequity on health outcomes and the overall well-being of communities.
    • Identifying Constraints and Health System Issues
  3. A Multifaceted Curriculum: Dive deep into the heart of the matter through our life course-based module design with eight days structured across three key modules:
    • Module 1: Population Health Focus on Health Systems and Cultural Influences: Uncover the intricacies of health systems through the lens of the World Health Organization’s Health Systems Framework. Explore the building blocks of health systems, including governance, financing, service delivery, workforce, and information systems. Understand universal health care principles and their application in low-resource settings. Delve into the impact of cultural norms and beliefs on healthcare-seeking behaviours, and learn strategies to promote culturally sensitive and inclusive healthcare services. Resource Scarcity: Unlock innovative strategies to maximise impact with limited resources.
    • Module 2: Medicine Across the Life Course: Embark on a comprehensive exploration of healthcare needs and challenges individuals face at different life stages. From maternal and child health to geriatric care, gain insights into providing holistic and patient-centred care in low-resource settings. Understand the importance of preventive care, early intervention, and continuity of care across the life course.
    • Module 3: Environment, Health, and System Resilience: Examine the critical nexus between environmental factors, health outcomes, and the resilience of healthcare systems in low-resource settings. Explore the impact of environmental conditions, including climate change, pollution, and resource scarcity, on health and healthcare delivery. Learn about innovative solutions and strategies to build resilient and sustainable healthcare systems, ensuring effective response and adaptation to environmental challenges.
  4. Understand the challenges in measuring the disease burden in low-resource settings
    • Explore methodologies and tools used for data collection and analysis.
    • Discuss the implications of disease burden on healthcare planning and resource allocation.
    • Case Studies and Collaborative Solutions:
  5. Engage in case-based sessions to apply knowledge and critical thinking skills.
    • Analyse real-world scenarios to identify healthcare inequities and their root causes.
    • Collaborate with fellow participants to develop creative and actionable solutions.
    • Promoting Change and Advocacy:
  6. Gain insights into innovative strategies to address healthcare inequity
    • Explore policy interventions and community engagement to drive positive change.
    • Discuss the role of stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, policymakers, and communities, in advancing healthcare equity.

Join us today and let your compassion become a force for positive transformation.

Together, we can overcome healthcare delivery challenges in low-resource settings and shape a better world.

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  • Full Two Weeks Online Course:  AUD $1999 (inclusive of GST)
  • International World Bank students classified as low-income countries are eligible for subsidised course fees. Please contact( international.health@anu.edu.au) 

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